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Fusion Flavored Pistachios

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  • Flavors: Schezwan / Lime Chilly
  • Nutrition Facts: Carbohydrates 16.4gm, Energy 2690KJ, Fat 5.16gm Fiber 0.0gm, Protein 20.8gm
  • Storage Condition: For natural taste, optimum freshness, keep it refrigerated and air tight.
  • Our Pistachios combine the soft, wholesome crunch of pistachios with a delightfully seasoning. The seasoning is added directly to the pistachio shells, coating the shells and the nutmeats.
  • Very hot spicy flavor on sweet, nutty pistachios
  • Pleasant, meaty crunch
  • Enjoy the taste of  these fusion flavored pistachios, impeccably made to make your taste buds swoon.
  • Keep this enjoyable snack handy as pistachios are heart friendly and come with ample health benefits.
  • Pistachios, rich in vitamin B6, promote blood flow by assisting in carrying oxygen through the bloodstream to cells.
  • Also helps in maintaining the health of lymphoid glands, such as thymus, spleen and lymph nodes.
  • Happy lymph glands means more white blood cells, and increased ability of the body to fight infections.
  • Pistachios, in a nut shell give you the most bang for your buck! (Pun intended)


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