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Mustika Ratu Body Scrub Jasmine Melati – 200 g


Body Scrub from Mustika Ratu, made from genuine natural ingredients that contain high benefits for the health and beauty of Indonesian women’s skin.

Natural scrub granules that can clean and beautify your skin to the maximum.

Not only that, Mustika Ratu Body Scrub is also available in various types of aroma and content variants.

Body Scrub:

Mustika Ratu Body Scrub Jasmine Jasmine has natural granules from the loofah fruit to remove dead skin cells and clean the dirt on the skin optimally, so that it can rejuvenate the skin and make the skin look brighter.

Jasmine Jasmine Flower Extract:

The coffee extract in Mustika Ratu Body Scrub Jasmine Jasmine contains the aromatic jasmine essential oil that keeps the jasmine flowers fresh all day long.

It also contains gotu kola leaf extract and vitamin C to maintain youthful skin.

Natural ingredient:

Mustika Ratu Body Scrub contains natural ingredients that are safe for daily use.

Gently rub the body scrub in circular motions all over the body when the body is dry, then rinse thoroughly. Use 2 times a week.





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